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Tooth Discoloration

Deciding When to Whiten Your Teeth with Ryoo Dental - Fullerton Dentistry

Who Needs Tooth Whitening in Fullerton

Having beautiful white teeth every time we smile is one of the reasons why we continue to brush everyday. However, the staining that results from drinking beverages like coffee, tea, or cola prevents us from achieving those pearly whites.

The first step in deciding whether to whiten your teeth is through a dental examination. At most, an x-ray picture will already show the cause of the tooth discoloration. After the diagnosis, your dentist will have you choose which whitening treatment to undertake. A natural-looking tooth shade is the balance between the whiteness of the teeth and the whites of a person’s eyes.

Just like we all have different skin colors and hair types, people have varying shades of tooth color too. Some teeth are naturally more yellow than others while some have a natural white that turns yellow as they age. As such, one of the most pressing challenges in dental care is providing tooth-whitening treatments for removing stains and discoloration. 

The yellowing of the teeth commonly originates from daily consumption and unhealthy practices. Here are some of the usual causes of surface stains and internal discoloration:

  • acidic fruits
  • the natural aging process
  • plaque and tartar deposits
  • excessive fluoride ingestion
  • smoking or chewing of tobacco products
  • pigmented drinks like wine, colas, coffee, tea
  • antibiotic tetracycline intake during childhood
  • teeth trauma resulting in a brown, gray or black color

The outer enamel layer protects our teeth from wear and tear and is responsible for the white appearance of our teeth. The color of the bone is the reflection and scattering of light off of the enamel, combined with the color of the dentin underneath it.

The oxidation process or the yellowing of teeth forms when the enamel coating, called pellicle, picks up stains. That’s why, proper dental care from the day the first tooth erupts is important to protect our teeth.

There are many reasons for whitening your teeth; this includes:

  • A healthier appearance
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence concerns
  • To reverse years of untreated discoloration
  • For important events such as a wedding, job interview, or birthday

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Fullerton by Ryoo Dental

Whitening is the most talked about topic within the cosmetic enhancement community. According to Oxyfresh, an international company for superior nutritional, hygiene, pet, and dental products:

 “As Americans, we can’t get enough of it, spending $1.4 billion annually on tooth whitening products. Statistics shows tooth whitening procedures have increased an incredible 300% in recent years!”

If you’re around the Fullerton CA area and seeking a state of the art dental clinic for the well-being of your oral health, then choose Ryoo Dental for their unparalleled service. Whether you’re considering power whitening or dental whitening strips, Dr. Ryoo can help you maintain the best oral health possible. Smile with confidence. Call us at (714) 992-0030 to schedule an appointment now!