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Regular visits to the dentist (at least, twice a year) can do more than just keep your smiles beautiful. In fact, it can also give clues to your overall health including possible health risks like diabetes, heart diseases, and premature birth. Ryoo Dental offers a wide range of general dentistry services to patients of all ages from young children to seniors seeking geriatric dentistry in Fullerton. 

General Dentistry for Kids and Adults

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a connection between gum (periodontal) diseases and health complications such as a stroke and heart disease. Collectively, more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases manifest themselves orally, signs include swollen gums, cold sores, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, and gum problems. Such symptoms may indicate:

  • Alzheimer’s disease —Patients with a possible Alzheimer’s disease factor carry high concentrations of Porphyromonas gingivalis, a gum disease that is responsible for early tooth loss as early as the age of 35.
  • Diabetes — Undiagnosed diabetics have a reduced immune system that primarily shows itself in the gums. Gum disease becomes more frequent and severe among people with diabetes.
  • Endocarditis — An infection of the inner lining of the heart (endocardium) caused by bacteria or germs originating in the mouth, which spread through the bloodstream and infects vulnerable aortic regions.
  • HIV/AIDS — Compromised immune systems caused by STDs often result in painful mucosal lesions.
  • Kidney disease — People with renal (kidney) health issues commonly have a bad taste in their mouths and bad breath (halitosis).
  • Leukemia — The first signs of leukemia show up in the mouth as developing gingivitis, which signals irregularities in the blood causing lessened resistance to bacterial growth.
  • Oral cancer — More common in those over 40, particularly those who drink alcohol and smoke at the same time, this condition aggregates healthy oral cells into becoming cancerous.
  • Osteoporosis — Periodontal retardation and tooth loss often come with the weakening of the bones as the result of stunted calcium absorption.
  • Sjogren’s syndrome — An immune system condition that causes dry mouth and eating disorders.

It’s imperative to prioritize your visits to the dentist and make the habit of consulting with them at least twice a year. According to CDC Division of Oral Health: 

  • 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of periodontal disease.
  • Periodontal Disease increases with age, 70.1% of adults 65 years and older have periodontal disease.

Since most, especially children, have regular oral examinations, their dentist may be the first health care professional to diagnose a health condition before it becomes severe.

Here are some the warning signs you should look into:

  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sensitive mouth
  • Reddish or pale gums
  • Uncomfortable chewing
  • Sudden changes in denture fittings
  • Any changes in the teeth fit when biting
  • Hanging gums that pulled away from the teeth
  • Bad breath or an unexpected bad taste in the mouth

 General Family Dentistry Practices

Optimal oral health involves more than just implementing a brushing regimen in your household. To keep your family’s oral health in check, there are necessary steps that you should follow.

  • Determine your immediate health needs — To start off, talk with a dentist or your preferred oral health care specialist to learn about your mouth health and how you can improve it.
  • Integrate a good oral health routine — Based on the findings with your oral health care provider, come up with an oral health routine that is easy to follow on a daily basis.
  • Consider using toothpaste with fluoride —Fluoride helps improve teeth in children by providing an environment where tooth decaying agents can’t thrive.
  • Floss daily — Besides regular brushing after meals, it’s important to floss too, at least once a day to remove hard plaque that causes a variety of tooth and gum diseases.
  • Maintain a balanced diet — What we eat ultimately shows in our oral health. Avoid too many sugary foods and starches to protect your tooth enamel from erosion.
  • Quit tobacco products — You can’t truly achieve a good oral health when you consume any form of tobacco. Not only does it raise your chances of oral cancer, but it also affects your general health.
  • Quit tobacco products — You can’t truly achieve a good oral health when you consume any form of tobacco. Not only does it raise your chances of oral cancer, but it also affects your general health.

General Dentistry Services by Ryoo Dental

As one of the top dental offices in Fullerton, Ryoo Dental by Dr. Ryoo offers the latest technology in the field of dentistry to bring you the most efficient, accurate, and up-to-date oral health care. With personalized and comfortable dental care and our highly capable staff, you can rest assured that your smile will stay clean and bright every time. Contact our general dentist today for exceptional dental care in Fullerton, CA. 

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