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Perfect Your Smile with Invisalign Provided by Our Fullerton Dentist, Dr. Victor K. Ryoo

Getting straighter teeth and not having to deal with metal braces is possible with Invisalign® in Fullerton with Dr. Ryoo. Patients love these clear, removable aligner trays, which make orthodontic care more comfortable and convenient. With Invisalign®, no one will have to know that you’re wearing braces.

Experienced Invisalign® Care

Dr. Ryoo has been treating patients’ smiles with clear braces for over 12 years at our Fullerton dental office. We are experienced in examining your current dental health status and determining if Invisalign® is the right fit for your goals and expectations. With Dr. Ryoo’s help, we can treat as many patients as possible with this system of clear braces – from those who have small orthodontic corrections that need to be made, or for those with advanced cases of teeth crowding, uneven spacing, or even bite misalignment issues.

With patient commitment to wearing their aligner trays for the full recommended time each day, our Invisalign® dentist can help you see the smile you’ve always wanted.

Clear Braces for Adults and Children in Fullerton

Young patients with crooked teeth and bite problems require orthodontic intervention as soon as possible to ensure that issues do not progress to cause discomfort, present issues keeping teeth clean, or negatively impact self-esteem. However, if a patient hasn’t received braces before and is now an adult, it’s still possible to achieve a more pleasing and healthy smile with braces.

Teens and adults can be qualified for Invisalign® -- all that’s required is the responsibility necessary to stick to your scheduled treatment plan. Dr. Ryoo’s Invisalign® services include both removable aligners for first time orthodontic patients or even relapse of teeth alignment problems after an initial round of traditional braces and failure to consistently use a retainer. Invisalign® is popular for its many patient benefits, which include:

See-Through Plastic Appliances – Invisalign® is made to be as clear as possible, so no one notices when you’re wearing them.

Patented Design – Unlike other brands of clear aligners, where trays cover gum tissue and look obvious, Invisalign® is made to only fit over dental enamel, so it is as low-profile as possible. For teen patients, this means that their peers don’t have to know they’re wearing aligners. For adults, these braces do not detract from your appearance in more formal settings.

Improved Comfort – While metal appliances like brackets and wires are notorious for rubbing against and irritating soft tissue, Invisalign® is smooth and does not create similar issues. Patients who choose Invisalign® enjoy orthodontic aligners that easily become part of their daily routine, as opposed to creating new challenges to work around, like bonded metal braces can.

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