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At Ryoo Dental, it is our goal to restore damaged smiles to full health and aesthetics, which is why we offer dental implants to our patients in Fullerton, CA.  With Dr. Ryoo’s training in oral surgery and technology, we are fully prepared to restore and rejuvenate your smile with a complete range of implant services, all geared to helping patients enjoy a better quality of life through comfortable and lasting teeth replacements.

Full-Service Implant Dentistry in FullertonFullerton Dental Implant Placement | Ryoo Dental

Dr. Ryoo offers a comprehensive menu of implant procedures to select from, based on the needs of patients’ treatment plans, as well as aesthetic and functional goals. Whether you’re looking to have several implants placed in one appointment or Dr. Ryoo has indicated that pre-treatments, such as grafting surgery, are necessary, our team is here to help. Our implant services include:

• 3D Guided Implant Surgery
• Bone Grafting and Sinus Augmentation
• Same-Day Implants
• Implant Restoration

With the benefits of 3D technology, Dr. Ryoo can scan your smile and pinpoint locations for implant placement to support lasting strength and treatment success. These images also allow our implant dentist to determine if bone quality cannot currently support treatment and must be augmented before implant surgery. Our comprehensive method of treatment planning allows Dr. Ryoo to coordinate the fabrication of your implant prosthetics to support the most natural finished result. Even if you need oral surgery to have a failing tooth extracted and an implant placed in one dental appointment, we can accommodate same-day care.

With this level of service, we keep all parts of your implant treatment in-house and prevent the need to refer patients to an outside office.

All on 4 and Implant Dentures from Ryoo Dental

Dental Implants in FullertonOur implant services are tailored to meet the needs of individuals with any number of missing teeth, including edentulous patients and those with failing dentures who want a more true-to-life teeth replacement.  To completely rehabilitate your smile, Dr. Ryoo offers mini dental implants that can be used to affordably stabilize a full arch of dentures, as well as full sized implants for fixed dentures that can be made to snap on to attachments or be completely screw-retained and permanent.

For patients who are interested in minimal implant placement and a non-removable full arch of teeth, there is All on 4. All on 4 is a treatment concept that is designed to help patients afford the cost of comfortable, functional fixed dentures, without extensive implant surgery. Using four precisely placed, elongated implant posts, Dr. Ryoo can attach a full set of teeth that feel as close as possible to your natural smile.

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We welcome patients to visit our office and learn more about a better way to replace missing teeth. For more information about dental implant placement, restoration, or implant-supported dentures in Fullerton, contact Ryoo Dental or schedule an appointment online today. 

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